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Week ending 10th Sept

With both EBL finished, the main action on the green this week has been club competitions. Sheila Waggott beat Brenda Ford 15 shots to 8 in the ladies two woods competition. There was a surprise on Tuesday morning when Janet Thomas beat Janet Northern 15 shots to 14 after an extra end in the ladies two woods competition and now plays Sheila in the final.
The over 60’s beat Stotfold at home on Wednesday in a four rink triples game by 80 shots to 57.
On Thursday afternoon Brenda Blanch and Janet Northern became favourites to win the ladies pairs after beating Sheila Waggott and Brenda Ford by 24 shots to 12. In the evening Carol Rooker, Aaron Buckingham and Adrian Allen won through to the mixed triples final when they defeated Richard Thomas, Bob Izzard and Kay Evans by 17 shots to 10.
On Friday afternoon Jill Tack and Janet Thomas made it through to the ladies pairs final beating Pat Griffin and Liz Henry.
The club entertained Luton West End on Saturday afternoon in a four rink triples game after we leant the opposition three players to make up the required numbers. And won by 71 shots to 57. Rink scores were as follows:-
S Spencer, K Evans, J Batcheldor           24       Luton West End       12
D Allen, S Waggott, B Izzard                  23        Luton West End         7
A Allen, L Henry, D Wilson                    16        Luton West End       15
J Thomas, B Ford, M Evans                     8        Luton West End       23
Sunday the club were at home to Henlow in a six rink triples game and lost by 91 shots to 86. Rink Scores were as follows:-
A Buckingham, K Evans, B Robinson                 20        Henlow                      11
B Andrews, D Northern, R Ford                        16        Henlow                      12
S Spavins, D Stevens, A Peacock                       10        Henlow                      19
P Griffin, M Evans, C Hart                                    9        Henlow                      18
M Chalkley, B Ford, B Izzard                             20        Henlow                      15
J Gray, J Batcheldor, C Kane                              11        Henlow                      16                   

Week ending 3rd Sept

The over 60’s were due to play Barton at home in in a five rink triples game but it was called off because of the rain.
There has been several club games played during the week, which started off with Trevor Belsom becoming the first player to reach a club final, when he beat Chris Hogan 14 shots to 9 in the two woods semi-final on Tuesday evening and will now plays Richard Ford in the final.
Janet Thomas, Chris Hogan and Richard Ford reached the mixed triples final beating Sylvia Lawrence, Mike Evans and Mike Hammond in a very close game which ended 23 shots to 22 on Wednesday evening.
On Thursday evening Mike Evans beat Keith Giddings 21 – 11 to make the final of the men’s four woods, where he will play Richard Ford or Connor Hart.
Friday saw three semi – finals being played. Alison Hammond became the first lady to reach a singles final when she beat Kay Evans 21 shots to 11 in the four wood competition. Richard Ford made his second final when he beat Mike Hammond 16 shots to 10 to reach the two wood final and now plays Trevor Belsom. The other semi – final played was the men’s pairs with Adrian Allen and Chris Hogan beating Bryan Heath and Colin Kane by 27 shots to 17 to reach the final.
The club travelled to play Lancaster Avenue in a four rink triples game and won by 81 shots to 56.  Rink scores were as follows:-
L Dolby, D Wilson, B Izzard                      18       Lancaster Avenue               20
S Spencer, K Evans, C Kane                    13        Lancaster Avenue               20
A Allen, J Batcheldor, M Evans                 24        Lancaster Avenue                8
A Buckingham, D Northern, C Hart           26        Lancaster Avenue                8
The ladies game against Linslade was called off with the opponents unable to raise a side.
On Sunday morning one of the men’s semi – finals was played and the triple of Barry Andrews, Aaron Buckingham and Mike Evans beat Richard Thomas, Chris Hogan and Barry Robinson won by 17 shots to 10. In the afternoon the club travelled to play Wilstead in a five rink triples game. The club won by 84 shots to 67, with the rink scores as follows:-
A Buckingham, B Heath, J Northern                    14        Wilstead                     14
M Chalkley, K Evans, A Peacock                       19        Wilstead                     15
A Allen, D Northern, B Izzard                             12        Wilstead                     15
J Thomas, R Ford, J Batcheldor                          21        Wilstead                       9
D Allen, C Rooker, M Evans                              18        Wilstead                     14        Monday evening saw an exciting men’s four woods game between Connor Hart and Richard Ford. The former led 18 - 12 but it was Richard who progressed to play Mike Evans in the final by winning 21 shots to 20.                  


Week ending 27th August

It’s been a quite week at the club with the men’s and ladies EBL finished, although the ladies ‘B’ team still have a couple of games to play.
 Most of the club competitions have now reached the semi-final stages, with the finals to be held over the weekend 23/24th September.
The over 60’s entertained Langford in a four rink triples game on Wednesday and won overall by 83 shots to 52.
On Saturday the club visited Biggleswade Town in a six rink triples game and lost by 97 shots to 72.  Rink scores were as follows:-
P Griffin, D Noon, M Hammond                10       Bigglesade                23
L Dolby, D Northern, C Hart                       8       Biggleswade             20
J Thomas, D Wilson, M Evans                  12        Biggleswade             14
R Thomas, T Nightingale,T Belsom           12        Biggleswade             15
B Heath, J Batcheldor, S Mumford           18        Biggleswade             11
A Buckingham, K Evans, B Izzard            12        Biggleswade             14
On Sunday the club held the Richard Porch Trophy with 21 members taking part.
After a series of games the winners were Ron Mills, Stan Spencer and Andrew Peacock.

Week ending 20th August

On Tuesday the ladies ‘B’ team went down heavily in the EBL losing at home to Biggleswade by 55 shots to 18.
Wednesday afternoon saw the over 60’s entertain Flitwick and win by 62 shots to 54.
Several club competitions have been played during the week, with several more to be played before the deadline sets in.
On Friday evening the men’s EBL ‘A’ team went out of the knockout cup losing heavily at Sandy Con ‘A’ in the semi-finals by 53 shots to 17.
Saturday afternoon saw the men travel to play Stevenage Town in a four rink triples game and won by 77 shots to 58. Rink scores as follows:-
L Dolby, J Batcheldor, C Kane                              18        Stevenage                 12
D Allen, A Buckingham, B Izzard                           19        Stevenage                 15
A Henry, D Wilson, M Hammond                          22        Stevenage                 15
A Allen, T Belsom, M Evans                                  18        Stevenage                 16
The ladies visited Langford and won by 45 shots to 34.
S Spavins, J Gray, A Bland, S Mumford              17        Langford                    26
P Griffin, L Henry, K Evans, A Hammond           28        Langford                     8
On Sunday Alison Hammond went out of the Swallow Cup at home losing 21 shots to 19 against Pauline Bright from Barton.
In the afternoon the club entertained Ampthill in a five triples game and won by 90 shots to 67.  Rink scores were:-
M Chalkley, B Ford, B Izzard                                 18        Ampthill                     15
B Andrews, K Evans, M Hammond                        18        Ampthill                     11
J Thomas, J Batcheldor, C Kane                            13        Ampthill                     20
P Griffin, A Hammond, R Ford                              17        Ampthill                     16
A Buckingham, M Evans, J Northern                     24        Ampthill                       5
Monday saw the club hold its annual ladies triples gala. This year there was 22 teams taking part and after a series of games the winners were Stotfold skipped by Beryl Clegg with Ampthill second and Bedford Borough third. The club would like to thank Alison and all the ladies that helped make it a successful day.
It was the final week of the men’s EBL with both Shefford teams missing out on promotion. The ‘A’ team lost at home to Baldock Town ‘A’ by 43 shots to 36 to finish third on shot difference ahead of Shefford ‘B’ who went down losing away at Baldock ‘B’ by 37 shots to 36 to finish fourth. The only winners on the night were Shefford ‘C’ who beat Potton ‘C’ 37 by shots to 27.

Week ending 13th August

The ladies ‘B’ team EBL game against Ampthill ‘A’ was cancelled by the opposition.
On Wednesday lunch time Adrian and Connor played their first round at Leamington and lost to a pair from Cumbria 31 shots to 10. It was good experience for them both and hopefully they will get there to try again in the very near future. At home the Over 60’s game at Flitwick was called off by the heavy rain.
There was a couple of club competitions played on Thursday and Friday with the deadline getting closer.
The club entertained Norton in a mixed game on Saturday and won by 69 shots to 64. Rink scores as follows:-
B Heath, L Dolby, J Batcheldor, C Kane             16        Norton                        16
B Tinsdale, A Buckingham, B Izzard                    11        Norton                        21
K Evans, D Northern, R Ford                              18        Norton                        18
S Spencer, T Belsom, M Evans                            24        Norton                          9
The ladies travelled to Henlow and lost 37shots to 24
J Gray, L Henry, B Ford                                        10       Henlow                      21
A Bland, S Spavins, S Mumford                            14       Henlow                      16
On Sunday the club entertained Potton in a five rink mixed triples game and won by 87 shots to 74.
B Andrews, D Wilson, B Robinson                       13        Potton                        12
M Loveridge, A Hammond, A Peacock                27        Potton                        17
M Chalkley, B Ford, S Mumford                          13        Potton                        17
J Tack, K Evans, B Izzard                                    15        Potton                          8
M Thomson, M Evans, M Hammond                    19        Potton                        20
On Monday evening it was the 13th week of the men’s EBL. Another reasonable night with two out of the three teams winning The ‘A’ team won at Holwell against their ‘A’ side by 45 shots to 18. The ‘B’ team lost 39 shots to 21 against top of the table Holwell ‘B’ at home. Finally the ‘C’ team travelled to play St Andrews ‘B’ and won by 36 shots to 35.

Week ending 6th August

The ladies ‘A’ team beat Flitwick ‘A’ by 43 shots to 26 in the EBL and the men’s  ‘A’ team made it a double by beating Flitwick ‘A’ in a rearranged game by 40 shots to 23.
Wednesday saw the over 60’s game against Biggleswade was called off after 6 ends due to heavy rain.
On Thursday the club entertained Riverain in a four rink mixed triples game and won by 62 shots to 53. The men’s ‘A’ team caused an upset in the EBL knock out cup quarter finals beating division one side Sandy Cons ‘A’ team away by 42 shots to 31.The ladies ‘B’ team travelled to play Ampthill ‘A’ in a rearranged EBL game and lost 37 shots to 34.
On Friday evening the quarter and semi-finals of the Bill Kefford trophy were played. It’s a new competition in memory of one of the clubs founder members. After a couple of close games Connor Hart and Richard Ford made it through to the final which will be played on finals weekend in September.
Saturday saw the men travel to play Sandy Con with the game being called off because of the weather, so they came back to Shefford and had a roll up amongst themselves. The ladies entertained Stotfold in a three rink triples game at home with the protection mats down and lost by 53 shots to 31.rink scores:-
P Griffin, J Gray, S Lawrence                    10                    Stotfold                      17
S Spavins, L Henry, B Ford                      11                    Stotfold                      16
A Bland, K Evans, A Hammond                10                    Stotfold                      20
Sunday game against Eynesbury at home was called off by the visitors during the week as they were unable to raise a side yet again.
A disappointing Monday evening saw all three men’s Shefford sides lost in the EBL. The ‘A’ team lost at home to Baldock ‘B’ by 37 shots to 35. The ‘B’ travelled to play Baldock ‘A’ and lost by 41 shots to 28 and finally the ‘C’ team travelled to Stotfold and lost by 36 shots to 26. The ladies went out of the EBL knock out Cup losing at Biggleswade and conceded the game after 12 ends.

Week ending 30th July

The club travelled with 30 bowlers and 3 non bowlers to Warner’s Holiday Camp at Corton last week. The weather was very unsettled. Most mornings were okay but the afternoon changed with overcast, rain and the last couple of games in sunshine. The club played 6 games against various opposition and which a majority of the hosts had to call on outside players to make the required numbers. On a result front the club had a poor return, only managing to draw one and losing on five. However everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves with excellent food and a variety of entertainment at the camp.
The scores were as follows:-
Shefford BC                             93               Caister on Sea BC                117
Shefford BC                          115                Martham BC                        115  
Shefford BC                             66               Dickleburgh BC                     79
Shefford BC                          110                GT Plumstead BC                158
Shefford BC                          100                Beccels Conservative BC     133
Shefford BC                          115                Bradwell BC                        138
The player of the week turned out to be Margaret Foulkes with 45 points
Second was Connor Hart with 34 points
Third place went to Len Dolby with 22 pts.
The club would like to express their severe thanks yet again to Brenda Ford for arranging the 34th tour. Everybody is waiting to find out where they are going next year.
The week’s tour paid off for the ladies ‘A’ team as they travelled to Baldock in the knock out cup on return from the tour on Friday evening and won by one shot.
On Saturday afternoon the ladies entertained Barton in a three rink triple and lost by 48 shots to 47. Rink scores were
J Thomas, C Rooker, J Northern              16        Barton                        15
S Spavins, J Gray, A Hammond               17        Barton                        13
L Henry, S Lawrence, S Mumford                         13        Barton                                    19
On Sunday afternoon the club travelled to play Mobsbury Park in a five rink triples game and won by 91 shots to 64. Rink scores were as follows:-
A.   Hammond, J Batcheldor, A Peacock       20                        Mowsbury Park           8
C Rooker, AN Other, C Hart                        25                        Mowsbury Park         10
P Griffin, S Spavins, B Izzard                         13                        Mowsbury Park         16
B Andrews, D Northern, M Hammond          12                        Mowsbury Park         18
M Loveridge, C Kane, R Ford                     21                         Mowsbury Park         12 Monday was another round in the men’s EBL. The ‘A’ team travelled to play Holwell ‘B’ and lost by 42 shots to 25. The ‘B’ team won at home to Maulden ‘A’ by 49 shots to 23. Finally the ‘C’ team lost at Flitwick against their ‘B’ side by 54 shots to 26

Week ending 17th July 2017

On Tuesday evening Adrian Allen and Connor Hart become county under 25’s pairs champions winning 23 shots to 21 against Ben Frost of Maulden and Chris Beard from Sandy Con.

On Wednesday evening the men had an excellent win at Potton in the two rink County League by 43 shots to 33.
A Buckingham, T Belsom, M Hammond, B Robinson              24        Potton            14
C Kane, M Evans, B Izzard, C Hart                                              19        Potton            19
Saturday morning saw Connor Hart go out of the County under 25 singles losing 21 shots to 7 against Chris Beard in the semi-finals.
In the afternoon the club hosted Langford in a five rink triples game and lost by 90 shots to 77. Rink scores were as follows:-
B Andrews, T Belsom, C Hart                              15                    Langford                    26
A Henry, D Stevens, C Kane                               11                    Langford                    19
A Allen, B Heath, M Evans                                  13                    Langford                    19
D Allen, S Spencer, J Batcheldor                         31                    Langford                      7
B Lamb, L Dolby, D Wilson                                  7                    Langford                    23
On Sunday the club visited Whitethorn and lost by 68 shots to 56
.Rink scores were as follows:-
P Griffin, G Henry, A Buckingham                                    19        Whitethorn                16
J Tack, D Stevens, D Northern                                          9        Whitethorn                21
P Wyatt, A Henry, M Evans                                             17        Whitethorn                16
B Andrews, A Allen, S Waggott                                       11        Whitethorn                15
The next round of the Men’s EBL was played on Monday with mixed results. The ‘A’ team travelled to Maulden and won by 44 shots to 30. The ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams were at home to Flitwick ‘D’ and Biggleswade ‘D’ respectively. The ‘B’ team won 34shots to 32 and the ‘C’ team lost by 32 shots to 22.

Week ending 10th July 2017

Tuesday evening saw the ladies ‘A’ team beating Flitwick ‘B’ by the narrowest of margins one shot.
On Wednesday afternoon the over 60’s won at Henlow by 72shots to 57. In the evening the men’s ‘A’ team progressed to the quarter finals of the EBL knock out cup by winning at Great Barford by 39 shots to 37.
On Thursday evening the clubs one remaining men’s singles player Mike Evans went out of the County singles losing 21 shots to 16 at home to Chris Beard.
Friday saw Alison Hammond run in the County singles come to an end when she lost 21 shots to 13 against Jenny Ralph from Biggleswade in the semi-finals.
There was no game for the ladies on Saturday as Wilstead cancelled the fixture once again. The men travelled to play Sandy Town and won by 71 shots to 56. Rink scores were:-
L Dolby, J Batcheldor, R Ford                              16                    Sandy Town              15
A Allen, A Buckingham, B Izzard                          17                    Sandy Town              15
D Allen, T Belsom, M Hammond                          19                    Sandy Town              11
S Spencer, D Northern, M Evans                         19                    Sandy Town              15
On Sunday the club had a home fixture against Leighton Buzzard and won by 95 shots to 68. Rink scores were as follows:-
A Allen, C Rooker, M Evans                           23            Leighton Buzzard     13
M Chalkley, A Hammond, S Mumford            14            Leighton Buzzard     19
A Buckingham, D Northern, M Hammond      12             Leighton Buzzard     22          
B Ford, D Stevens, J Batcheldor,                    19            Leighton Buzzard     11
B Heath, K Evans, B Izzard                            27            Leighton Buzzard       3    
Monday saw the start of the second round of the men’s EBL the ‘A’ and ‘B’ team clashed and the ‘B’ team caused a surprise winning by 36 shots to 31. The ‘C’ team lost at Fairfield by 33 shots to 25.                  
The club is still on the lookout for more players and anybody interested in joining the club would be most welcome and should contact Alison Hammond on 01462 811548.

Week ending 3rd July 2017

Tuesday saw the start of the men’s county pairs with mixed fortunes for the club. Connor Hart and Richard Ford won 21 shots to 18 at home to a pair from Biggleswade. Barry Robinson and Andrew Peacock won at Kempston Hammers by 19 shots to 17. Disappointing for the other two pairs with Colin Kane and Mike Hammond losing 21 shots to 9 at home to a pair from St Andrews. Finally Aaron Buckingham and Mike Evans went out losing 21 shots to 12 against a pairing from Henlow. In the ladies EBL the ‘A’ team won at Baldock in a game reduced due to the heavy rain. The ‘B’ team lost 27 shots to 12 at Henlow in another game reduced due to the weather.
On Wednesday the over 60’s traveled to Barton and won. In the evening the men’s County two rink side had a good win against second place Stewartby by 35 shots to 31. Rink scores were:-
A Buckingham, M Evans, M Hammond, B Robinson    15        Stewartby      17
C Kane, J Batcheldor, B Izzard, A Peacock                  20        Stewartby      14
 Wednesday was also second round of the ladies county singles. Liz Henry lost at home 21 – 14 and Janet Northern lost 21 – 12 at Biggleswade. The only winner was Alison Hammond who had a comfortable win at home by 21 shots to 3.
Thursday was another mixed day for the club. In the Men’s County singles second round the club had three players left in. Captain of the club Mike Evans was the only winner winning 21 shots to 11 against Steve Virgin at Flitwick. Mike Hammond lost at home to R Halls from Sharnbrook 21 – 20 and Barry Robinson lost at home to Terry Butt from Biggleswade 21 – 12. Connor Hart reached the semi – finals of the County under 25’s beating Ben Frost from Maulden 21 shots to 11.
On Friday afternoon Alison Hammond progressed to the county ladies quarter finals when she beat C Davies 21 shots to 9. In the evening the next round of the men’s County pairs with both pairs losing. John Batcheldor who was subbing for Richard Ford and Connor Hart lost 16 – 14 at Henlow. The other pair of Barry Robinson and Andrew Peacock lost 22 – 12 at Sandy Conservative Club.
Saturday morning saw Connor Hart’s run in the National champion of champions come to an end when he lost 21 shots to 20 at home to Chris Beard from Sandy Con in an exciting game.
The ladies also had a disappointing morning to losing at home to Ampthill in the National Top Club 3 – 1. The only winner being Jan Northern in the singles who won 21 – 11.
In the afternoon the ladies had no game.
The men played Russell Park in the afternoon, in a game of four triples. The club won the game by 90 shots to 49, rink scores were as follows:-
L Dolby, S Spencer, M Hammond                        24        Russell Park                         13
A Henry, J Batcheldor, B Izzard                            24        Russell Park                         12
D Noon, M Evans, C Kane                                   19        Russell Park                         11
B Heath, A Buckingham, C Hart                            23        Russell Park                         13
Sunday afternoon was captain’s day with 28 members taking part in a series of Games. The ladies winner was Liz Henry with 52 points and the men’s and overall winner was John Batcheldor with 64 points.
On Monday morning Alison Hammond progressed to the semi –finals of the ladies singles beating Anne Dilley at Bedford Borough by 21 shots to 16 after being 13 – 3 down at one stage. The semi – finals take place at Shefford this Friday 7th July at 6pm. In the evening the final game in the first round of the men’s EBL which turned out to be a mostly a poor day for the club. Although the ‘A’ team won against Baldock ‘A’ by 40 shots to 22. The ‘B’ team after last week’s good result came back down to earth losing at home to Baldock ‘B’ by 40 shots to 22. The ‘C’ lost at Potton 45 shots to 24

Week ending 14th May 2017

The men’s East Beds League started with the ‘A’ and ‘B’ team clashing in Division three. The game was decided on the last end when the ‘B’ team picked up two shots to force a draw 40 shots to 40. The ‘C’ team lost at home to Fairfield ‘B’ by 41 shots to 27.

On Tuesday the ladies ‘A’ team won at Flitwick, while the ‘B ‘ team played their second game and lost a close game at home by 27 shots to 25. Andrew Peacock went out of the champion of champions when he lost 21 – 16 to John Weedon from Ashcroft.

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon the over 60’s games lost at Sandy Conservative by 16 shots. The men were at home to St Andrews in the County 2 rinks league and won on both rinks and overall by 35 shots to 28.

On Friday night the club travelled to Houghton Regis in the National 2 rinks competition and lost by 41 shots to 29.

A Buckingham, J Batcheldor, C Hart, A Peacock          19        Houghton Regis       17

M Hammond, C Kane, R Ford, B Robinson                   10        Houghton Regis       24

Saturday morning saw Connor Hart progress into the next round of the Champion of Champions by beating John Stott by 21 shots to 8.

Saturday saw the club play a four rink mixed game away at Howard Gardens and win by 87 shots to 65. Bob Izzard rink gained a hot shot scoring all eight on one end. Rink scores were as follows:-

A Buckingham, M Thomson, K Evans, C Hart       26    Howard Gardens      12

C Kane, J Gray, J Batcheldor, B Izzard                  26    Howard Gardens      14

S Spavins, D Northern, D Wilson, M Hammond    20    Howard Gardens      17

S Spencer, B Heath, M Evans, S Mumford           15    Howard Gardens      22

 On Sunday the club played Biggleswade Town at home in a six rink triples game and lost a close game by 99 shots to 97. Rink scores were as follows:-

S Spavins, J Gray, C Hart                                      16       Biggleswade Town       14

J Northern, C Rooker, B Izzard                             19       Biggleswade Town       11

L Henry, K Evans, R Ford                                         8       Biggleswade Town       27

M Thomson, D Northern, A Peacock                    22       Biggleswade Town       11

A Buckingham, M Evans, S Waggott                    14        Biggleswade Town       23 

A Henry, B Lamb, J Batcheldor                             18        Biggleswade Town       13 

Monday saw the second round of the men’s EBL with mixed results for the club. The ‘A’ team beat Maulden ‘A’ at home by 43 shots to 27. ‘B’ team travelled to play Flitwick ‘D’ and lost by 35 shots to 28. Finally the ‘C’ team travelled to visit Biggleswade ‘D’ and lost by 36 shots to 19.

Anybody interested in joining the club would be most welcome and should contact Alison Hammond on 01462 811548.

Week ending 7th May 2017

Tuesday saw the start of the ladies East Beds League. The ‘B’ team, who are now playing in division one travelled to play Biggleswade ‘A’ and lost by 11 shots.

The over 60’s were at home to Henlow and with an inexperience side lost heavily, but did win on two rinks skipped by Kay Evans and Derek Wilson.

On Wednesday evening, the men entered the new two rink County competition with a visit to Bedford Park. They come away with a 40 shots to 29 win. The home team being short of players called in a rink from Mowsbury Park to help them out.

The ladies rinks County competition started on Friday and both rinks went out with Shay Mumford’s side losing 18 – 9 at Henlow. The other rink skipped by Janet Northern lost 25 shots to 6 at Biggleswade.

The ladies game away game against Bedford BC on Saturday was cancelled with the home side not being able to field a side for the second year running.

Saturday saw the men play Queens Works in a four rink match, Shefford only had 12 players so had to forfeit 25% of their scores on three of the four rinks and ended up losing by 71 shots to 67. Rink scores were as follows:-

A Henry, D Noon, B Robinson                              15(11)             Queens Works          19

S Spencer, M Evans, C Kane                                24(18)             Queens Works          13

B Tinsdale, D Wilson, M Hammond                      23(17)             Queens Works          19

L Dolby, D Northern, B Izzard                                21                    Queens Works          20

 On Sunday the club entertained Henlow in the Tony Allcock trophy and won a close game by 45 shots to 41.

Rink Scores as follows:-

C Kane, A Hammond, S Mumford, B Robinson             12        Henlow          24

J Northern, B Ford, M Hammond, A Peacock                33        Henlow          17       

In the afternoon, we played at Flitwick in a five rink mixed game and lost by 104 shots to 80. Rink scores were as follows:-

S. Spavins, A Bland, M Evans, B Robinson                   20        Flitwick        21

K Evans, P Wyatt, B Lamb, C Kane                                 16        Flitwick        16

M Chalkley, S Lawrence, D Wilson, A Hammond          10        Flitwick        23


J Gray, S Waggott, J Batcheldor, B Izzard                      18        Flitwick        15

A Buckingham, L Wyatt, D Northern, M Hammond       16        Flitwick        29

The East Beds League started on Monday, with the ‘A’ team at home to the ‘B’ and the ‘C’ team entertaining Fairfield ‘B’     

Anybody interested in joining the club would be most welcome and should contact Alison Hammond on 01462 811548.

Week ending 30th April 2017

A disappointing Saturday for the club, but a good win on Sunday..

On Saturday afternoon the ladies lost away at Bedford Borough by 43 shots to 38

Rink scores:-

P Griffin, M Foulkes, J Northern                22        Bedford Borough     24

A Bland, L Henry, A Hammond                 16        Bedford Borough     19

 The club also had a four rink mixed game at Steeple Morden, with the home side borrowing four players from us to make up the required numbers. The club lost by 73 shots to 85

The rink scores were as follows:-

K Evans, L Wyatt, C Kane, R Ford                                   14        Steeple Morden        26

S Spencer, C Bradshaw, D Wilson, M Hammond          27        Steeple Morden        15

P Wyatt, B Lamb, J Batcheldor, C Hart                            12        Steeple Morden        33

A Buckingham, B Heath, M Evans, A. Peacock             20        Steeple Morden        11

On Sunday the club entertained Letchworth Conservative Club in a four rink triples game and won by 79 shots to 60

Rink scores:-

M Chalkley, M Evans, C Kane                   22                    Letchworth Cons                  13

B Tinsdale, B Ford, J Batcheldor              20                    Letchworth Cons                  25

L Wyatt, A Buckingham, B Robinson       20                    Letchworth Cons                  12

K Evans, B Lamb, C Hart                           17                    Letchworth Cons                  10

Next Wednesday sees the club enter the new County two rink competition with an away game at Bedford Park.

Anybody interested in joining the club would be most welcome and should contact Alison Hammond on 01462 811548